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Allow that to infamous “luck from the Irish” rub o

Let that infamous “luck from the Irish” rub off you and your littles ones with this St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids: hanging tissue-paper shamrock.

The shamrock has long been symbolic of Ireland and St. Patrick's Day. Be part of the symbol's magic and history by creating one you are able to proudly display in your house. Kids will love transforming a cereal box and tissue paper into a festive decoration while you share exactly what the shamrock symbolizes. When dangling from the perch, this St. Patrick's Day craft for children will breathe some lucky spirit into its surroundings.

Things you’ll need:

Green tissue paperGreen paper (construction/card stock)Nontoxic glue stickScissorsCereal boxHole puncherGreen pipe cleanerUnsharpened pencil

Steps to make a Hanging Tissue-Paper Shamrock (Scroll to bottom for pictures and click on to enlarge)

    Trace or draw a shamrock shape onto a bit of green paper and work out. You can make it as small or large as you like. As it does require some time to patience, a smaller you might be better suited to younger kids.Having a glue stick, have child apply glue towards the back of the shamrock and glue it onto a piece of cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect).Cut the glued shamrock with cardboard backing from the box.With the hole puncher, make a hole in the middle of the shamrock's top.Have child thread a pipe cleaner through the hole and twist ends together for a hanging loop. For a two-tone look, wind two pipe cleaners of various shades of green together and then thread through the hole.Cut your tissue paper into strips which are 2" wide. Wrinkled tissue paper works just as well, so if you happen to be saving it from gift bags, this is the time to put it to get affordable use. Feel free to use different shades of green together if that is what you have available.Pile the strips evenly on top of one another and cut into squares approximately 2" x 2".Place your tissue-paper squares into a bowl.Have child apply glue to a small section of the shamrock at any given time therefore it doesn’t dry while they’re using the paper. Starting in the middle and dealing outwards is easiest.Next, they can place the unsharpened pencil end in to the center of a tissue-paper square and wrap/twist it tightly round the pencil.Have them press the tissue paper onto the glued section with the pencil.Repeat above step before the paper-covered cardboard is no longer visible.For any finishing touch, the tissue paper could be trimmed with scissors to look more uniform. To enhance the shamrock shape, trim into and across the edges.Hang and revel in!

This St. Patrick's Day craft for kids is a great way to be part of the excitement and good reputation for the vacation. If you could use additional luck and kissing the Blarney stone or catching a leprechaun seems unlikely, opt for a simpler approach and pay homage with a hanging tissue-paper shamrock.