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let’s walk into the world of our imaginations for a second

Agustin Salinas/El Universal/; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

So, let’s walk into the world of our imaginations for a second. Mind the gap.

Now, suppose you’re wearing a dress. The gown is actually a blue floor-length cone topped using a leather bustier. Could you keep the updo loose and pair it using a moon-shaped necklace? Or whip that updo into sleek submission whilst the main objective from your already-busy neckline by earrings and stacked bracelets instead?

This may be the dilemma presented to you courtesy of Demi Lovato and Jordin Sparks, who have worn this exact Mason dress yourself in recent months.

In terms of one very short sheer dress, do you want to opt for Britney Spears or even a Spice Girl?!

The star of Sparkle wore her version to the Billboard Music Awards in May. Even though the X Factor judge wore hers-with said moon necklace-towards the Fanta Irresistible Awards now.

So, who wore it better?

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