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See our gallery of Kate’s bikini model poses!


This new ad campaign is either stunningly stupid or evil genius, according to your point of view.

Headphone maker Skullcandy has released its latest stills featuring brand ambassador Kate Upton.

Yep, that would be the Upton of Sports Illustrated cover fame. Why Skullcandy thinks anyone will remember its tin cans after examining Kate’s own cans, we’re not able to inform you, but these are.

Have a look at Kate Upton’s nude photoshoot!

For the record, perform like the fashions we’re seeing. Upton completes her Aztec print two-piece like nobody in the biz. In other shots from your campaign, we’re noticing lots of cool leather pieces plus a black diamante embellished bikini we wouldn’t mind seeing inside our own top drawer.

But will we want to go out and get some Skullcandy headphones? We’ve not a clue. Can’t remember a darned thing about the subject at the moment.

See our gallery of Kate’s bikini model poses!