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Treatment of warts can result in permanent scarrin

Treatment of warts can lead to permanent scarring. These trialed and tested natural remedies have been verified effective with pleasing results.

Warts are caused by the herpes virus, in particularly the human papilloma virus. They additionally appear on the hands, fingers and feet but could also occur on other parts of the body. There are three kinds of warts what are common, flat and plantar warts. Common warts are raised lumps that resemble the top of the cauliflower and sometimes you can observe the arteries feeding the wart, appearing as black speckles. Common warts tend to appear mostly on the hands. Flat warts are usually small compared to common warts and may appear in groups. They lie near to the skin and can show up on any part of the body. Often they are able to show up on skin that’s been irritated by chaffing and or shaving. Plantar warts appear only on the soles from the feet and are usually flat and low in the pressure placed on them from walking. They can be very painful. This short article discusses effective natural cures for removing warts in your own home which have been trialed and tested.

Medical strategy to a wart usually entails burning or freezing the wart. It may be traumatic or painful especially for young children. Sometimes tinctures are offered to become painted around the wart which could cause bleeding and exposing of raw skin. Freezing, burning and tinctures may cause permanent scarring. The next natural treatments don’t cause any pain, trauma, bleeding, raw skin exposure or any scarring. Natural cures generally take longer to have effect but the outcome is permanent elimination of the wart.

Vitamin A Capsules

Remove the powder from 2 vit a capsules or crush 2 vitamin A tablets. Give a few drops water to form a paste. Utilizing a cotton bud, apply the paste to the wart. Cover the wart with a bandage and then leave in place for twenty-four hrs. Take away the bandage and wash the wart with warm water then reapply the paste and bandage. Still do this again before the wart is totally gone.

Duct Tape

Cut a piece of duct tape large enough to cover the wart completely and then leave in place for 6 days. When the duct tape falls off during the 6 day period, just use a new piece. After 6 days remove the duct tape and soak the wart in tepid to warm water. Carefully remove the dead skin cells by having an emery board, pat the wart dry and reapply the duct tape for overnight. Each morning remove the duct tape and use a new piece. Repeat each morning the steps of taking out the duct tape, soaking the wart in tepid to warm water, taking out the the dead skin cells with an emery board and reapplying the duct tape until the wart is gone.

Banana Skin

This is really a home cure that has been used for centuries to get rid of warts and it is effective for some people. Simply cut a piece of banana skin large enough to pay for the wart. Place the banana skin, pulp side recorded on the wart. Cover the banana skin with gauze and secure with medical tape. Leave in position overnight. In the morning take away the banana skin and reapply a brand new piece of banana skin the next night. Repeat the process before you notice the dead skin cells forming. Remove the the dead skin cells carefully with an emery board. Repeat the process until the wart is totally removed.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed extract has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It may stop and destroy herpes in the tracks. Grape Seed extract are available in most health food shops. Apply a few drops to the wart each morning, cover with a bandage and repeat in the evening. Continue to apply the Grape Seed extract until the wart is finished.

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    Break a dandelion stem or leaf and squeeze the white sap. Apply the sap towards the wart. Cover having a bandage and leave in position for twenty-four hrs. Do this again daily until the wart is gone.


    Crush a garlic herb to a paste and affect the wart only, take care not to have any on the surrounding skin as may blister. Cover having a bandage for 24 hours then remove and repeat the process until the wart is gone.

    Herbal Remedies to avoid Warts

    Warts come from the herpes virus and it is believed they occur as a result of sluggish immune system. Increasing your defense mechanisms can help prevent warts from appearing. It is recommended to consider a regular dose of Echinacea. Eating a healthy diet composed of lots of fruits and vegetable can also help boost your defense mechanisms.

    Whether you have one wart or many, they are often unsightly and embarrassing. The home remedies discussed above are inexpensive, easy to follow and therefore are effective in removing warts. Most medical practitioners would laugh at these treatments saying they would never work. But for huge numbers of people all over the world these simple solutions have given pleasing results.


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    Disclaimer: The data found in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis in order to guide treatment without the opinion of the medical expert. Any reader who is worried about his or her health should speak to a doctor for advice.