What a lady wants can be a chauffeur!


It may be time forAmanda Bynes to employ a person.

Monday night inside the San Fernando Valley, the 26-year-old actress was involved in yet another car accident, LAPD Media Relations tells E! News. Bynes was rear-ended by another vehicle, but police wouldn’t disclose whether or not the other driver blamed Bynes for the accident.

Fortunately, there was no injuries. LAPD Media Relations adds that Bynes as well as the other party exchanged information, and after that the police weren’t any longer needed and left. No-one was ticketed.

Amanda Bynes strips Twitter account…could it be as a result of another car mishap?

On April 6, Bynes was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge after getting into a minor accident by having an L.A. officer. She had another driving mishap the next month, when her Range Rover grazed a guys car at a busy L.A. intersection. Just two weeks ago, the Hairspray star was investigated yet again on her possible involvement inside a hit-and-run.

What a lady wants can be a chauffeur!

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