Learn where other Olympians got their ring ink


From queen with the pool to lord lady from the rings.

Missy Franklin is definitely an Olympic champion and when her heavy medal haul (four golds,thankyouverymuch) didn’t prove that enough already, then her newly tattooed body sure does.

Fresh off building a splash london, the Team USA swimmer latched onto Twitter to exhibit the real mark of the winner: her Olympic rings ink.

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“All inked up! AHH! Can’t accept is as true! My one and only!” the 17-year-old tweeted.

And before you decide to ask, yes, she had mama and papa Franklin’s blessing for the well-earned tat.

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“Hahaha yes they did!” she tweeted when asked, by fellow swimmer Matt McLean, if her parents had to accompany her to have branded. “They were very professional :)”

But pricier her to be drawn to the needle in the near future.

“Getting a tattoo has not been something I every considered I might do, but this just has a lot meaning with it and it’s also really something that you must earn,” she told the Today show the other day. “It’s an honor to get it.”

Learn where other Olympians got their ring ink


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