As Easter hops closer

As Easter hops closer, it’s time to get the little ones excited with some fun Easter crafts for children. Learn how to make a lovely Easter bunny piggy bank.

With Easter 2012 fast approaching, get children excited for the spring holiday with a few adorable Easter crafts. Having children help make their very own Easter bunny money box is the perfect way to allow them to share in the thrill of year, in addition to encouraging these to save money. This is a great craft to do when starting them on their first allowance. The piggy bank may also be changed into an Easter egg holder simply by bypassing the slit within the lid.

Things you will need:

Empty tin with plastic lid (coffee or formula tins)Pink and white construction paperScissorsDouble-sided VelcroLarge googly eyesYellow craft pom-pomsTacky craft glueGlue stickGrey and pink felt/paperCardboard (cereal box)

Steps to make an Easter Bunny Piggy Bank (Scroll to bottom for pictures and click to enlarge)

    Cut some pink paper, or whatever color the kid likes, in to the width of the tin.Roll the paper around the tin, and also have the child tape or glue it down having a glue stick.Cut a piece of paper to fit within the lid and glue it towards the lid's underside.Having a sharp knife, make a slit in the lid for coins to become pushed through.Make two additional slits approximately half-an-inch wide for the ears: one on both sides of the lid.Have child spread glue to the backs from the googly eyes with a glue stick. Should you don't have googly eyes, you should use buttons or make eyes from two construction paper circles.Apply the eyes to the tin.Place one for reds of the piece of double-sided Velcro to the tin where the nose will go.Around the sticky side of the opposite Velcro piece, stick the 3 pom-poms on. Attempt to cover because the black Velcro as you possibly can (see picture 3).Have child place it onto the opposite Velcro piece around the tin.Cut six very thin strips of yellow construction paper for that whiskers.Cut two small pieces of tape and also have child stick the whisker-ends onto the tape. They can stick the tape with whiskers just below the sides of the nose.Cut a little square, with a slit in the centre, of white paper for that bunny teeth.The kid can tape or glue one’s teeth on just under the nose.For that ears, cut two pieces of thin cardboard – cereal boxes are great – in the shapes or ears. Leave a little straight flap at the bottom of each ear that may be poked with the slits within the lid (see picture 4). Make sure to make the ears sufficiently small that there’s still room for little hands to achieve the coin slot in-between.Have child spread glue having a glue stick onto the cardboard ears and stick them onto a piece of grey felt. Should you don't have felt, use paper.Eliminate the felt ears with cardboard backing.Eliminate two smaller pieces of pink felt and also have child spread the glue stick to the backs from the pink pieces and stick to the center of the ears.Have child push the ears into the slits of the lid.

This Easter craft for kids is the perfect activity to obtain little ones excited about a certain someone hopping into the city. From glass jar bunnies to piggy banks, begin using these Easter crafts as fun-filled activities to see children.


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