A brand new browser plugin allows you to earn cash

A brand new browser plugin allows you to earn money for that time spent on the web.

Topline is a new company (it had been founded in November 2011) but has recently earned a large following among internet users. It’s based on a very simple premise – it rewards users for the time they spend online by replacing some of the ads they normally see on the web with ads from their own network.

How Topline works

Topline is a browser plugin meaning it’s installed fast and just on your internet browser and can be just as easily removed. It’s not software or perhaps a complicated application, just an extension. You are able to click the icon at any time to determine the number of points you have accumulated, consider it’s a lengthy process, it’s better to forget about it rather than check it every 5 minutes. What you need to do though is register with the website in order to be able to claim your wages.

Passive income with Topline

This should be clear; earnings with Topline are minimal: what about a few cents daily. However, they accumulate and you don’t need to do anything different from what you will normally do. The only real difference you will notice is that some of the websites you visit are now hosting different advertisements. The current minute rates are 1000 points to $0.75 but the company has stated this might improve within the following months. Every time $10 money is accumulated, you can spend via PayPal or having a physical check, if you reside in the united states. Plus, you can earn additional points by referring friends, as 5% of their own earnings will be matched by Topline for you (privacy appears to be always respected). Remember that should you keep refreshing a page to earn more points Topline will be able to detect it and can disable your account.

Disadvantages of Topline

Some people will dsicover it’s not worthwhile because the salary is so low. What’s more, depending on your online provider, you might find that pages take slightly longer to load. The Facebook format seems to be also slightly affected. If you are concerned about the ads that are replaced you are able to exclude certain websites that you know individuals are trying to make a living out of their own ads. You may also deactivate Topline for certain amounts of time if you want to begin to see the original ads. In certain websites, it’s worth noting, Topline ads are less intrusive than the average internet ads given that they don’t autoplay audio or attempt to spam you with non-existent prizes. Another problem is when you are utilizing an extension like AdBlock, you’ll have to deactivate it, otherwise Topline won’t work correctly.

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    The main advantage of Topline is it sits without anyone’s knowledge. You install it once and you hardly notice it’s there. Even if you only make an extra $5 a month, you won’t have done anything for it. At the end of the year, you’ll have a small amount of cash which will feel like it came from nowhere.


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