Located on two sides of a small lake

Found on two sides of the small lake, Smithville is a charming enclave of Victorian houses which have been renovated and are open to visitors.

The buildings happen to be converted to house shops, cafés, guest rooms and restaurants. Walking around the village it feels as though entering into yesteryear. The pace from the place causes someone to slow down, relax and something almost comes to anticipate seeing people dressed up in colonial garb.

The Smithville Attractions

Although it is a small village, there is a local train which circles the winding streets in a brief loop. Another attraction enjoyed by children is definitely an old-fashioned merry-go-round, complete with organ grinder-type music.

Smithville is really a delightful haven for shoppers. Most of the Victorian houses have been changed into exactly what the locals make reference to as shoppes, with all types of souvenirs, memorabilia, jewelry, clothes and curios. There are also several inns, bakeries, restaurants and cafés, to rest and enjoy the leisurely pace of life here. All of this within brief walking distance.

Here you’ll find hand-made crafts, unusual antiques as well as freshly baked bread or hand-made cosmetics. Most shops are privately operated and not a part of a chain, therefore the items are unique and frequently made based on old recipes or designs.

Another attraction of Smithville are its many special attractions, held all year round. Actually, there are over 30 free weekend events annually in all. These include:

Irish FestivalMayfestRenaissance FairDrum CircleCar Shows and CruisesOktoberfestChildren's FestivalCostume Pet ParadeHoliday Light Show.

The Holiday Light Show

The Holiday Light Show can be experienced through the month of December. It is a delightful display of colorful lights arranged in the conical form of Christmas trees, placed around the little lake in the center of the village. Combined with music from loud speekers, every afternoon through the holidays visitors can also enjoy watching the changing colors of the lights, reflected in the water, as they virtually "dance" to the rhythm from the music.

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    Smithville is situated just moments from Route 9, 15 miles north of Atlantic City. In December, once the days are shorter, it’s possible to catch a glimpse of the lights when driving along Route 9, as the Smithville lake is seen in the road.

    The Colonial Inn and also the Barn

    Although it’s a historic building, the Colonial Inn in Smithville is really a favorite getaway with modern amenities and exquisite views from the lake and the village center. It is a favorite romantic getaway and is open to adults only.

    However, youngsters are welcome in the Barn, only a few steps away. Fully modernized, The Barn has spacious rooms well suited for family gatherings and weekends away.

    Whether in winter or summer, when visiting Atlantic City or Port May in New Jersey, Smithville can be an added attraction to enrich one's trip.


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