Accessorizing your ride should be fun; but make sa

Accessorizing your ride should be fun; but make safety the primary concern.

Bicycling has been a favorite sport and recreation option for many decades. The “look” of the rider has made many changes through the years mostly due to safety. Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding how to safely dress.


Helmets are the most significant safety item when riding a bike. Look for the seal of approval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the customer Product Safety Commission, or even the Snell Memorial Foundation before purchase. Should an autumn occur, the helmet will help shield the top from a potentially life-threatening head trauma. Fit can also be important. Make sure that the helmet fits snugly on the head, without tipping forward or backward. Adjust straps if required. The helmet ought to be flat on the top of your head. If you have taken a fall and smacked your helmet, do not use again; it may not withstand another blow. Replace the helmet; it’s a little investment for safety.


Next to the helmet, gloves play a significant part for hand safety. They allow for better gripping and charge of the bike and can help with keeping your hands dry. Many gloves come with additional padding which will help cushion both hands and absorb the shock from the road, while cycling, and when you need to fall. Gloves also provide warmth during a cool ride. There are so many styles to choose from, let your inner child result in the selection.

Shorts and Tops

There’s nothing worse than the usual sore butt. Shorts can be found with padding and may make your ride much more comfortable and enjoyable. The synthetic liner will decrease the quantity of chafing that could occur. A little hint, don’t wear underwear with the shorts; they will seem like they’re cutting to your skin. It is also advised to put on clothing which has reflective materials for better visibility during the night. Oh, and those fancy spandex tops that you simply see are in fact designed to decrease resistance to the wind on our bodies.

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    Glasses protect you from the sun’s rays and also the wind. Wraparound lenses would be best because they don’t hinder peripheral vision, providing you with an unobstructed view. There are numerous styles as well; try on and simulate the riding experience to determine what the first is the best for you personally.


    The type of shoe that you employ to ride a bicycle is a few preference and just how much cycling you need to do. For the casual biker who may classify themselves like a weekender, a light hiking shoe or cross-trainer shoe may suffice. These shoes allow for biking as well as walking. For people who are dedicated to the game, a stiffer, biking shoe may be more appropriate. They come either without or with clips, that fit into the pedal. The stiffness of the shoe helps to facilitate the ability transfer to your pedals. REI provides a great review of how to pick bike shoes.

    Accessorizing your ride ought to be fun; but make safety the main concern.


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